It's here! Enjoy the new album. Pick up a copy at Bandcamp

CD Release

Thank you to everyone who attended the album release, whether you were at The Vert or watching the live feed on the website. We hope you enjoyed it wherever you were. If you missed the show you can watch and listen to a recap of the live stream here. Check back soon for a higher definition video.

Welcome to the new website!

All is well. Buy our album! Seriously. Buy it. It's really good. It's not actually out yet, but you can still buy it! Seriously. It's available at Bandcamp. What else are you going to get for $7? A glass and a half of decent ale? 4 1/2 cans of not-so-decent lager? Seven breakfast burritos from McDonald's? Might as well just buy our album. It will be available September 29th! .... but you can buy it NOW! Seriously. Just buy it now.

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